Cedar Construction, LLC is a privately held full-service general contracting company specializing in the construction of healthcare treatment, medical diagnostic and imaging facilities.

Our firm manages projects from initial concept to planning and permitting, through to final completion.

What sets us apart is the long and varied experience of the Cedar Construction management team. Our ability to organize and troubleshoot each project from initial planning to final completion is a major asset to our clients. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to foreseeing and correcting potential inroad problems.


The mission of Cedar Construction is to make the construction and real estate development process problem-free for our clients. So often, the same set of missteps are made during construction project planning and execution, and it causes conflict and frustration. We have therefore developed a tried and true method of approaching and administrating projects in an effort to eliminate the missteps. Over the years, we developed a system that is flexible and adaptive to every project. It is our goal to apply our experience and talents as professionals in the building industry to ensure each client has a project that is successful and trouble-free.


Our vision, as we partner with healthcare professionals, is to foster teamwork and organization among all team members involved in a given project.

We understand that selecting the appropriate team members who can work together seamlessly is essential to the overall success of the project, and as a result, Cedar Construction has built a loyal following of planning professionals, contractors, and specialty vendors to choose from. Our long and varied experience allows us to select the right team members for your project requirements because we understand the roles each member is to play to keep the project on track.


We have always held our performance and final products to the highest standards. As a third-generation construction firm with a highly motivated team of professionals – each of whom brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and talent to our projects – our goal is to exceed client expectations in all aspects of the planning and construction process.

Industries we serve

  • Historic Restoration: Building Facades and Interiors
  • Hospitality: Hotel, Country Club and Catering Facilities
  • Investment Banking Facilities: Trading Floors and Support Offices
  • Commercial Office: Installations, Fit-outs and Restacking
  • Retail: Shopping Centers, Specialty Stores, “Big Box” Retail: Shopping Centers, Specialty Stores,
  • Entertainment: Screening Rooms, Theaters, Studios
  • Medical Facilities: Hospitals, Clinics, Out Patient Care Facilities
  • Education: College, High School, Private Learning Facilities
  • Industrial: Warehouse, Manufacturing, Utility Company Upgrades