Project Scheduling

A project schedule is an essential tool used for organizing and orchestrating a construction project. By graphing the time durations of planning, design, and construction, it allows the property owner to forecast the use of premises, finances and moving.

An overall schedule is created at the very start of each project. Every project’s schedule is developed by outlining a detailed list of tasks required to build the project and then assigning each task a time allocation. Once the outline is completed, research must be performed in the following areas to refine those time allocations:

  • Unique requirements including location, size, and program of use
  • Requirements for governmental agency and code compliance
  • Utility companies’ work and safety regulations and operating constraints
  • Unique set of material and labor requirements to comply to the owner’s needs

These are only some of the tasks and requirements we research. Once accomplished, the scheduler can then integrate the task times into a precise sequence of operations that neither allows more or less time than it is required or necessary.

Cedar Construction, LLC provides the experience and skill needed to develop a project schedule and then keep it up-to-date and informative as events take place.

Our schedules are easy to follow, and they become an essential tool in every phase of the project. Click here to view a sample of our Project Schedules.


Project administration includes:

  • Instituting a site-specific safety plan
  • Instituting quality control procedures
  • Developing and distributing a construction schedule
  • Preparing a construction cost budget
  • Bid package preparation and administration
  • Bid review, evaluation, and leveling
  • Instituting and overseeing purchasing procedures
  • Contract administration
  • Developing and distributing a contact list with telephone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Maintaining a request for information log
  • Maintaining a submittals log
  • Developing and distributing a responsibility matrix
  • Issuing change order requests
  • Maintaining a change order log
  • Preparing and distributing meeting minutes
  • Organizing testing and inspection procedures
  • Administration of payment distributions
  • Obtaining and organizing all record documents
  • Expediting local building department inspections, signoffs, and final certificate of occupancy