We have a valuable and motivated group of professionals on our team, all of whom bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, experience, and talent to each project. We have also built a loyal following of subcontractors and material suppliers in the Northern and Central New Jersey areas, which ensures our clients have access to the right resources for every job.

Paul Bavosa

Founder and President of Cedar Construction.

Paul has been a general contractor for more than 45 years. He got his start in construction management as an apprentice in his father’s cabinet shop and remodeling business, which he eventually went on to inherit. He later worked in New York City for 25 years, where he had the opportunity to work alongside world-class designers and architects. In 2001 he left the city to return to New Jersey and began to cultivate a loyal client and contractor following. in 2010 he decided to open Cedar Construction as a vehicle to contribute to what he holds dear: construction and health.

In his free time, Paul is a talented cabinet maker and enjoys swimming and traveling with his wife Fern. Together they have two children and have raised a beautiful suburban family in Millburn, N.J.

Patricia Kraisman W.

Patricia holds a Master’s degree from the University of Buenos Aires’s School of Architecture and Urbanism. She began her professional career as assistant project manager for a construction company based in Buenos Aires, developing and building housing for the poor. She later moved to Marbella-Spain, where she worked as a Project Manager for Inmobiliaria Bilbao Vizcaya, a sister company of the renown Banco Bilbao Vizcaya, focusing specialized in the developing and building of golf courses and luxury housing.

Upon moving to the United States with her family, Patricia began designing and building family residences in the Summit-Short Hills area of New Jersey while also raising her son. Now, as a member of the Cedar Construction team, she brings diversity and an international flair to our community. Patricia is a great communicator, a thorough thinker and a very organized professional.

In her free time, Patricia teaches Spanish to children and enjoys cooking, CrossFit training, Broadway shows and going to the opera. In addition to her career and her delicious culinary achievements, she is most proud of her family, especially her son Ilan.

David Brackelmanns

David is a multi-talented and experienced supervisor for Cedar Construction. His knowledge of fine carpentry and his ability to communicate makes him a great team player. Workers of all trades rely on David to supervise their work and obtain optimal results.

David’s vast and varied experience allows him to simultaneously manage several small and medium size sites, where he is able to lend a hand to almost all trades should the need arise.

Joseph Schultz

Joe is an experienced and versatile supervisor for Cedar Construction. He has a knack for making sure every site he supervises runs smoothly and efficiently. His sites are clean and orderly, and he possesses a unique way of working with tradesmen and town officials – always facilitating the progress of the job at hand.

Joe is a hands-on worker with a good spirit and a positive demeanor, which makes his hard work feel easy. He is always ready to give a helping hand or to offer great ideas on how to solve any given situation. Joe is always open to new trends and is committed to welcoming new team members with open arms.

Nick Jermolovih

Nick is our most experienced and senior supervisor at Cedar Construction. His knowledge of construction sites and techniques is as vast as his experience. No task or trade is beyond his ability. Nick’s creative mind helps us determine the fastest and most efficient ways to perform any task or to schedule any job. He is a true team player.

Nick has a beautiful family, enjoys traveling with his wife and watching sports, and looks forward to having grandchildren. As he says, “Our best legacy is not how many jobs we’ve made or how much money we have. Our true legacy is our children.”